Another update on my disowned family situation

Greetings and salutations!  I wanted to give those of you who follow my blog a little update on what is going on with me having disowned my family.  If you want the whole story, just look at the original post from a couple weeks ago. When my mom was last in the hospital my sister... Continue Reading →


A negative of having an ex-that used to be on the radio

Greetings and salutations!  I think this will just be a short post today - as the title indicates I was recently involved romantically/long-distance with someone that had songs on the radio a while back.  He is an extremely talented song writer.  And I pretty much 24 hours a day have some song playing in the... Continue Reading →

A brief honest update

I amazingly enough have over 100 followers.  A few of you probably know my whole saga this year - family drama - relationship drama. For some reason I am feeling particularly honest and vulnerable.  So a bit of what is going on my squirrelly mind. Family.  I love my immediate family but I am still... Continue Reading →

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