30 day writing challenge x2:  What are you excited about? A new friend

The thing I am excited about today is I have a new friend. I will call him Scott to protect his anonymity.  He is smart and funny, and I’ve always thought he was very attractive.  I know him from recovery, and we both are dual diagnosis addicts/alcoholics.  Match made in heaven! Okay so not exactly... Continue Reading →


Today’s recovered memories: March 19 2018  The times when I could have become an addict and said no

As a companion piece to my 30 day writing challenge piece for today, I give you the times when I COULD have become a drug addict and did not. Short story version - I have hyperthymesia (vivid autobiographic memories - a savant trait) and I have dissociative identity disorder (DID - formerly known as multiple... Continue Reading →

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