Musings and General Nonsence: June 16, 2018 #campnanowrimo #thisgirlisunstoppable

Greetings to my loyal following of I think 75 of you.  Today is the first time in about a week where I've felt okay to just sit down and write.  If you've read my previous posts you know I have an ongoing issue with pain - and lately its been horrible and evil cruel doctors... Continue Reading →


Musing and general nonsense. June 15, 2018. I am in pain- HELP #painsuck”suck it

There are a small group, a select few of you that have chosen to follow my blog.  And I usually put a little intro here for those that might just be finding me and my little musings and nonsense.  But I can't do that right now - because I am in so much pain I... Continue Reading →

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